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Numbers In Words.


InWords is a .NET library for adding number-to-words conversion capabilities in your .NET applications. Its simple and easy to use API allows spelling out numeric values in a variety of languages with a few lines of code. The library provides support for both standard .NET framework and compact .NET framework. Written entirely in C#, it is a 100% .NET component, not just a COM wrapper. And not to forget, ROYALTY FREE distribution.

Customize your Output

Customize your output

With a variety of formatting options, it is easy to customize the output of the number-in-words generator to match your requirements. Switch between different formatting presets or take control of formatting entirely.

Be professional

Be professional

Rest assured that the number-in-words output is grammatically and syntactically correct regardless of the language of choice. Relying on a thoroughly tested software component will help your software maintain a professional status.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Don’t waste time to write an number-in-words generator yourself, ┬áIt’s already here for your .NET application and the lite edition is absolutely FREE!

Go global

Go global

Go the extra mile with international-support in your application by writing out numbers in a handful of languages. Currency formatting takes into consideration the requirements of different regions.

Numbers in Words Library:

  • Integers in Words (e.g. 132 -> One hundred thirty-two)
  • Currency in Words (e.g. $132.50 -> One hundred thirty-two and 50/100 Dollars)
  • Multilingual support: English, Spanish, French, German, and Arabic
  • Easy to use
  • Supports .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, .NET 3.5, .NET 4.0, Mono 1.9?

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Code Sample C#

// Write out the number of 12512 visitors in French
INumberInWords generator = InWordsFactory.GetGenerator(LanguageType.French);

NumberInWordsOptions options1 = new NumberInWordsOptions
    CountedNoun = new Noun { Singular = "visiteur", Plural = "visiteurs"

string visitors = generator.IntegerInWords(12512, options1);

// Write out the amount of 12512.50 euros in French
CurrencyInWordsOptions options2 = new CurrencyInWordsOptions
    Decimals = 2,
    FractionStyle = FractionPartStyle.AsFraction,
    MainCurrency = new Noun { Singular = "euro", Plural = "euros" }

string amount = generator.CurrencyInWords((decimal)12512.50, options2);

Code Sample VB.NET

' Write out the number of 12512 visitors in French
Dim generator As INumberInWords = InWordsFactory.GetGenerator(LanguageType.French)

Dim options1 As NumberInWordsOptions = New NumberInWordsOptions With
                                            .CountedNoun = New Noun With
                                                            .Singular = "visiteur",
                                                            .Plural = "visiteurs"

Dim visitors As String = generator.IntegerInWords(12512, options1)

' Write out the amount of 12512.50 euros in French
Dim options2 As CurrencyInWordsOptions = New CurrencyInWordsOptions With
                                                .Decimals = 2,
                                                .FractionStyle = FractionPartStyle.AsFraction,
                                                .MainCurrency = New Noun With
                                                                    .Singular = "euro",
                                                                    .Plural = "euros"

Dim amount As String = generator.CurrencyInWords(12512.5, options2)


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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